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November 15, 2016

Holistic Lifestyle- Apothecary Supplies

We offer quality organic capsuled and cut herbs and give free consultations. Our traditionally made soaps, salves, body butters, floral waters and essential oil blends are natural. We offer fresh white sage, sweet grass and palo santo for your smudging needs. The Emotion Code and Ion Cleanse are services we offer for detoxification and healing. Our Holistic [...]

October 24, 2016

Twister T2

  WARRANTY TRIMMER TYPE PROCESSING STYLE PERFORMANCE 3 YEARS GRAVITY FED TUMBLER-STYLER WET-OR-DRY 7-11 LBS PER HOUR   Twister™ T2 Product Instructions PDF he Twister T2 Trimmer with Leaf Collector The Twister is the world’s fastest leaf trimmer, equipped with the industry’s most powerful vacuum along with proprietary blade geometry to deliver the closest cut possible without [...]

Twister T4

  WARRANTY TRIMMER TYPE PROCESSING STYLE PERFORMANCE 3 YEARS GRAVITY FED TUMBLER-STYLER WET-OR-DRY 4-7 LBS PER HOUR   Twister™ T4 Product Instructions PDF The Twister T4 Trimmer $6,900.00 Trim Wet or Dry with the awesome Twister T4. Transform your harvest game by using advanced, patent-pending trimming technology to do the work for you. It makes your life easier [...]


B200EX $19.99 Crisp cutting superb stainless steel! The Chikamasa B200EX short series trim scissors enables more control and increased speed. The NS140 and B200EX short series are the Pacific Northwest's favorite. NS140 $17.99 Chikamasa Short Series NS140 is made of high quality carbon steel for the fastest cut in the industry! Trusted and proven precision, the [...]

Making Topical Lotion Bars

Lotion Bars Ingredients  1 cup coconut oil 1 cup shea butter, cocoa butter or mango butter (or a mix of all three) 1 cup beeswax Your own Organic Plantmatter Extraction mix Optional: 1 teaspoon Vitamin E oil Optional: 10 drops Peppermint Essential Oil Lotion Bars Instructions Combine all ingredients (except essential oils if using) in a crock-pot with 1 inch [...]

September 17, 2016


  Tests have proven that plants grown using Vegamatrix have nearly undetectable levels of Heavy Metals. With these extremely low residuals, full smooth flavor and taste are what makes products grown with Vegamatrix winners. To see our test results click here and remember, Vegamatrix creates healthy plants-healthy people for a healthy planet! Simply put, Vegamatrix increases [...]

Vegamatirx: Big-N-Sticky

VEGAMATRIX BIG-N-STICKY The Bloom Booster you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! Big-N-Sticky is the ultimate finisher to increase yield while producing the cleanest and best tasting harvests on the planet. A NEW ADDITION TO THE VEGAMATRIX FAMILY Big-N-Sticky’s rigorously tested proprietary blend of ORGANIC compounds are combined with potassium phosphite. This creates a synergystic effect which [...]

Vegamatix: Hard-N-Quick

IT’S ALL ABOUT FLOWER GROWTH VEGAMATRIX HARD-N-QUICK Creates thick hard stems and branches with shorter internodal spacing. Getting you FASTER flowering and QUICKER harvests. Hard-n-Quick contains 100% cold water North American Kelp proven to be the finest source of “cytokinins” on Earth. Cytokinins are found naturally in all complex plants, they increase the plants ability to faster root [...]

Vegamatrix: Amp-It

INCREASES YOUR PLANTS ENERGY TO PRODUCE HUGE, DENSE FLOWERS VEGAMATRIX AMP-IT Amino Acids-The Fuel to Explosive Growth Amp-It is a micro-nutrient supplement which contains all 21 of nature’s most essential building blocks, Amino Acids. Amino Acids are the building blocks of all life. Amp-Its’s amino acids are in the “L-form”, this is the easiest form for plants [...]

Vegamatrix: Prime-Zyme

VEGAMATRIX PRIME-ZYME Keeps roots strong and clean for maximum efficiency, plant respiration and nutrient absorption. Prime Zyme ensures that your plants can deliver when the nutrients are needed the most! ENZYMES MEANS STRONGER ROOTS AND HEALTHIER PLANTS! Prime Zyme is an all natural product consisting of carefully formulated enzymes. With years of documented results showing how they help speed [...]