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Cloning Products

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Rooting Hormone Gel The ultimate rooting compound – used by professionals and amateurs the world over. CLONEX is a bright, translucent gel. It is a high performance formulation of hormones, vitamins and mineral nutrients. CLONEX is a high performance rooting compound. It is a tenacious gel which will remain in contact around the stem, sealing the [...]

Ez-clone Machines

  A classic never gets old The new EZ-CLONE Classic is a dramatically improved and updated version of the EZ-CLONE Original, which has been a staple of Aeroponic Cloning in the Hydroponic Industry for over a decade. This beautiful system is manufactured from 100% recycled materials and has been engineered and perfectly thought out to bring [...]

EZ-Clone Clear Rez

Keep it clear with Clear Rez EZ-CLONE Clear Rez is a pH balanced, noninvasive water treatment designed to keep all of the internal workings of your cloning system crystal clear and operating at peak performance. It is designed to be used through out your entire cloning cycle as a possible preventive measure for a multitude of [...]


Dip’N Grow is the most effective rooting hormone available.  Propagators at nurseries and universities have increased their yields by using Dip’N Grow.  They’ve found Dip’N Grow to be more economical and easier to use than rooting powders. It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3 Mix Dip’N Grow concentrate with water in the dilution cup provided. Dip [...]

Dyna Gro K-L-N

A healthy plant starts with a healthy root system, and healthy root systems start with K-L-N Rooting Concentrate. K-L-N is a vitamin-hormone and nutrient solution proven to promote vigorous root development on cuttings, transplants and newly potted plants. In addition to vitamin B1, K-L-N contains both IBA and IAA rooting hormones to kick your plant's root [...]

Super Sprouter Scalpels

You can use this individually wrapped sterilized scalpel or all your plant cuttings A sterile scalpel will help prevent disease and damage to any cutting Has excellent quality and will last long Size Price Single $1.60 Box of 10 $15.00

Gro1 Root Radiance Seedling Heat Mats

  Warm root area up 10 to 20 degrees over ambient temperature Improve germination process and improve on seedling and cuttings success Durable with water resistant Ideal for greenhouse, nurseries and indoor gardens Includes a 6' 120v power cord Size Price 20.75 x 10 $24.95 48 x 20.75 $46.95  


$0.60 Each Variety of different colors to choose from: yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, red, black and multi-color pack. Prevents cuttings and clones from moving around. Pre-slit for easy insertion with a pre-drilled hole. Color selection allows for use as identifying markers.