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Active Eye Universal Phone Microscope, 60x, w/clamp

$8.99 The Active Eye Universal Mobile Phone Microscope is a compact, lightweight 60x microscope that can be clipped onto smartphones and mobile phones that are equipped with a camera. It is used for viewing very small objects and areas. It is especially recommended for gardening and plant health examinations such as pest and disease assessments. The [...]

Grower’s Edge Illuminated Microscope 60x – 100x

$18.95 A very powerful illuminated pocket microscope offers adjustable magnification from 60x - 100x. Identify even the smallest pests with this microscope. Includes batteries and protective case. Actual size of microscope is 1-1/4 in wide by 3-1/4 in tall. Magnification are adjustable from 60x to 100x Identify the smallest pests Includes batteries and protective case  

Gro1 Illuminated Double Loupe Microscope 30x & 60x

$14.95 The Illuminated Double Loupe is great for on-the-go identification of pests and diseases on your plants so you can quickly and accurately resolve the problem. This microscope has a switchable LED light for maximum clarity and comes ready to use with (3) LR1130 batteries. Great for hydroponic uses to check plant health Two different lenses [...]