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Plant Stakes/Trellis/Polly Film

Bamboo Stakes

Hydrofarm bamboo stakes play an important role in the early development and growth habits of the young plants and trees. They can be the difference between a straight tree or one that grows crooked. These bamboo stakes allow the proper flex and exercise for the growing plant, so as not to interfere with normal root development. [...]

Panda Film

Used in growing areas - this is waterproof poly film that is black on one side and white on the other. Panda film works well as a reflective film (reflects 90% of the light striking it back to the growing area) or as a room partition. This is a very heavy duty film at a thickness [...]


6ft Tall $0.40 per 1ft section 4ft Tall $0.28 per 1ft section

Plant Stakes

$4.25 100 pack Yellow Dark Blue Red Orange Lavender White Green