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Grow1 Scales

 11 pound Capacity Grow1 Digital Nutrient Scale $54.95 The Gro1 Nutrient Digital Scale has an 11lb max capacity . Scale electronically displays weight in Kilograms KG, grams g, ounces oz, and tl (teraliter) gn (grain) ct (carat). Scale has a 0.1 gram/ounce graduation. The tare function gives it the ability to weigh multiple ingredients together. Batteries [...]

Measure Me Digital Measuring Cup

$32.99 Quickly and easily measure both solids and liquids with just one tool! The MEASURE ME 600ml Digital Measuring Cup uses a scale built into the bottom of the handle to quickly and accurately measure weight and volume. Choose from Pounds, Carats, Cups, Ounces, Milliliters or Grams. FEATURES: - Maximum liquid capacity: 600ml - Maximum weight [...]