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Water Chillers and Heaters

Cool Coil Reservoir Chiller

$154.95 The Hydro Innovations CoolCoil is a 12-inch stainless steel coil designed to be used with a water-cooled chiller to bring down the temperature of the water in your hydroponics reservoir. High summer temperatures can cause root rot. By maintaining a cooler nutrient solution, your plants can withstand higher temperatures in the room without affecting their [...]

Active Aqua 1/4 HP Chiller

$524.95 The Active Aqua Chiller is ideal to keep hydroponic solution in your reservoir at the perfect temperature. A built-in microcomputer control system and LCD display make this system very user friendly. With a large refrigeration capacity, water can be refrigerated to any degree above 39F in a short period of time. Ideal to keep hydroponic [...]