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 CO2 Regulator $122.95

Our Gro1 CO2 Regulator is the perfect tool to help you control and maintain your optimum CO2 levels for your plants. It has an easy-to-adjust flow meter (adjustable to 0.5 – 15 cubit feet per hour), a pre-set regulator, and a solenoid valve. Easily attach the included tubing to a fan for even CO2 distribution throughout your grow room. Includes a 6 ft long 120V power cord, 5 meters of 1/4” black tubing, and 2 white washers.


Digital Multi Timer Single 240v outlet $18.99

Single outlet digital timer. 1 minute on/off increments. 15 amp max load. 240V. UL approved.



115v Dual Outlet Timer $18.95

15 minute on/off increments. 15 amp maximum load. 120V. UL approved.