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– Easy to set up
– Mechanical Timer
– More accurate
– For indoor use only


The Timer wheel can rotate clockwise only. There are 4 segments per hour and each representing 15 minutes.


Operating Instructions:

a. Ensure the timer is disconnected from the electrical supply

b. Press down the segment(s) according to your desired time period for the appliance to be powered on. Each segment represents 15 minutes. For example ,if you want your appliance to turn on for 30 minutes, you would press 2 black segments down)

c. Turn the Timer face dial until the pointer ( ) is set to the current time

d. Plug your appliance into the Timer Plug and slide the switch on the side to the timer setting“T”.

Note: If you slide the switch to“ON”, the timer plug bypasses the timer functions and supplies power all the time.



1. Timer can only be used to a maximum power of 1875W (125VAC,60HZ,15A)

2. For indoor use only

3. Do not immerse in water or use when wet

4. Keep this product away from children and pets

5. Do not cover this unit when in use.

6. Do not use this unit if the product is damaged and dispose of it immediately.

7. Only plug this unit into properly grounded outlets

8. Unplug this unit when not in use