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The Atlas 1 delivers precise CO2 control! This easy to use controller is the leading edge in CO2 enrichment & monitoring in your growing environment. Just dial in your set point, and the Atlas 1 does the rest of the work for you! It maintains the optimum level of CO2 to allow your plants to reach their maximum potential.


The Atlas 2 – Preset CO2 controller is the most simple and straightforward CO2 controller available in the industry today! It’s factory calibrated & preset to maintain the CO2 level in your garden at 1500 PPM. It features a built-in photocell that allows the Atlas 2 to operate only in the ‘daytime’ period when your plants can process CO2. Another industry first, brought to you by the design team at Titan Controls!


The Atlas 7 – CO2 PPM Monitor/Controller takes the guesswork out of maintaining the proper CO2 levels in your garden. It can be adjusted to provide 1000 PPM, 1250 PPM or 1500 PPM of CO2 with just a push of a button. It has a whole lot of features for a little price! Titan Controls continues to bring innovate solutions to your indoor gardening problems. Grow serious plants with Titan Controls!


The Atlas 8- is a digital CO2 monitor and controller. Once the CO2 level has reached your desired set point it will disable the CO2 device. It features a photocell to ensure ‘daytime only’ dosing of CO2 via a generator or regulator. This controller comes with a 15’ remote sensor that houses the photocell and CO2 sniffer. Besides having traditional injection capabilities, it also features fuzzy logic programming.


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Atlas 1 $599.95 Atlas 2 $333.95 Atlas 7 $274.95 Atlas 8 $549.95