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OASIS ROOTCUBES 1.25 in $8.50

Rootcubes Growing Medium offers a versatile system that has multiple applications for those crops that require high water usage. Hydroponic seed germination and foliage plant propagation are good examples. This medium is designed to drain off excess water from the base of the cutting or seed, yet provide for the proper balance of air/water needed for good root development. Rootcubes are commonly used for hydroponic lettuce, tomato, herb, and onion seed germination. Oasis Horticubes Growing Media is a low density, high drainage foam with characteristics specifically developed for hydroponics seed germination and vegetative propagation of vegetables, herbs, flowers and foliage crops. These characteristics allow for an optimal balance of oxygen and water, even when saturated with water. Horticubes are sold in sheets that fit into industry standard 10 x 20 Trays.


Flowering Spring Plant cuttings root well in sheets of the ROOTCUBE Growing Medium. The engineered foam product has a balanced air to water ratio that enhances rooting performance for this crop type. Vegetative cuttings such as New Guinea Impatiens, Fuchsia, and Verbena get off to a good start in this product. Various sheet sizes of the OASIS ROOTCUBES are available to accomodate small to large cutting sizes and spacing requirements. 5015 – ROOTCUBES Medium 1 1/2″ Universal Hole Diameter 3/8″ 50 cells/sheet