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  • B200EX $19.99

Crisp cutting superb stainless steel! The Chikamasa B200EX short series trim scissors enables more control and increased speed. The NS140 and B200EX short series are the Pacific Northwest’s favorite.

  • NS140 $17.99

Chikamasa Short Series NS140 is made of high quality carbon steel for the fastest cut in the industry! Trusted and proven precision, the Chikamasa NS140 aides trimmers with its stout agile blades-style. This new addition to the Chikamasa trim scissors fleet was innovated through customer request by the Pacific Northwest farmers from Central to Portland Oregon.

  • B500SLF $24.99

Garden scissor precision! Chikamasa scissors are the premiership of garden trim scissors. These comfortable hand crafted Japanese steel blades are customized for precision. Gardeners across the globe choose Chikamasa and the B500SLF. Trimmers from Washington, Colorado, Oregon and Humboldt County California select the brand that will stand the test of time with long lasting quality and craftsmanship. The B500SLF is the ideal scissor for long hours and precision trimming; equipped with slanted blade, stainless steel, and a fluorine coating to prevent sap build up, you will not be disappointed.

  • B-500SF $24.99

Chikamasa is off the boats from Osaka Japan, to the Ports of San Francisco, and directly to Dazey’s Supply! Chikamasa scissors are the brightest star in a fleet of garden scissors. Hand crafted for trimmers, pruners, and garden professionals, and in the spirit of the harvest season these garden scissors will surpass your expectations. The B-500SF Chikamasa garden scissor comes coated in fluorine to prevent saps and buildup while working for long periods. Customized for you, Chikamasa scissors are here to stay!

  • B500SL $22.99

Chikamasa scissors are approaching perfection. These garden scissors blades are hand crafted in Osaka Japan with the well guarded methods of the Japanese steel industry. For a supreme cut, try Chikamasa’s B500SL slanted blade, allowing exceptional detail in your work. With no spring Chikamasa scissors allow for longer work hours with less pain and focused execution.

  • B500S $22.99

Mas Chikamasa! For the trimmer, gardener, pruner, hobbyist or professional. Chikamasa Scissors are the premier tier of the garden scissor industry. Hand crafted with the Japanese philosophy that every job is an artwork, Chikamasa scissors is a cutting edge example of craftsmanship meets practicality. If you are looking to revolutionize your garden or store, Chikamasa scissors are sure fire way to set you apart from the pack. Stainless steel and rounded edges for a supreme cut!