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18” x 24”

True Liberty® Bags are great for any meat, fish, poultry, or even any herb or harvested crop, and so much more! Our bags are safe to use in your conventional oven, freezer, rice cooker, slow cooker, or stove top, as they are resistant to cold, heat, fat, grease, oil, and water. Further, our bags have an excellent aroma barrier, which makes for a fantastically versatile, all-around home and garden bag!

$1.80 each

Discover the secret that commercial organic farmers, food storage experts, and hobby growers have been using to keep their foods fresh, healthy, and delicious! Our Quail, Chicken, Turkey, Goose, Ostrich, and Bottomless Bags are:

– 100% FDA Approved, Food-Grade Nylon
– BPA free, Food Grade Material
– Amazing liquid or odor barrier
– Strong material and bag seal
– Environmentally conscious
– American Certified, Made in the USA