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Recognized for consistently delivering reliable results for all plants, growing methods, media and applications.

Flora Series, the original 3-Part Building-Block Nutrient System, contains all Primary, Secondary and Micronutrients required for balanced plant nutrition. Made from pharmaceutical grade minerals, Flora Series is formulated to be the finest balanced and pH buffered fertilizer available. The three parts make complete and balanced nutrient solutions for proper plant nutrition that produce strong vigorous plants, abundant large healthy flowers, enhanced yields and nutrient dense crops.

  • Flora Series is the most used nutrient for a reason, it delivers spectacular results such as enhanced size, quantity, flavor, aroma, potency and essential oils in your fruits, flowers and vegetables.
  • Designed to work in Coir, Hydroponics, Soilless and Soil

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FloraMicro FloraGrow FloraBloom
Quart $15.94 Quart $12.50 Quart $12.50
Gallon $36.58 Gallon $31.88 Gallon $31.88
2.5 Gallons $84.30 2.5 Gallons $69.40 2.5 Gallons $69.40
6 Gallons $170.00 6 Gallons $140.00 6 Gallons $140.00



The beautiful marriage of organics and minerals

FloraNova® represents a breakthrough in fertilizer technology. FloraNova gives users both the strength of a dry concentrate and the ease of a liquid. This unique formulation of highly purified minerals and natural additives combines the benefits of both organic and soilless gardening methods. Optimum nutrient absorption is aided by natural humic extracts for increased quality and superb yields. FloraNova is a one part formula that is pH stabilized and outstanding for all plant types.
• Designed to work in Coco, Hydroponics, Soilless and Soil.

• Use Liquid KoolBloom and Floralicious Plus with FloraNova for increased flower production.
Remember that due to its high concentration, FloraNova must be shaken vigorously before each use!

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FloraNova Grow FloraNova Bloom
Quart $27.50 Quart $27.50
Gallon $87.50 Gallon $87.50


MAXI SERIES (dry soluble nutrients)

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MaxiGrow MaxiBloom
2.2pounds $16.24 2.2pounds $16.24



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Armor Si CALiMag KoolBloom FloraKleen RapidStart 
De-stress Your Plants calcium & magnesium crop production dissolve fertilizer salts Rooting Enhancer
Quart $15.80 Quart $16.20 LIQUID Quart $10.00 125ML $26.46
NA Gallon $40.50 Quart $21.76 Gallon $23.00 275ML $39.94
NA NA Gallon $63.50 2.5 Gallons $54.66 500ML $74.36
NA NA 2.5 Gallons $136.30 NA 1L  $143.30
NA NA 2.2pounds $29.40 NA NA