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RAW=Soluble is a fully water soluble additive line up, comprising of 12 essential elemental building blocks, to supplement your nutrient feeding program. 100% Water soluble powders – without fillers or dyes. These single element solubles are the building blocks for all growers. When these supplements are individualized it allows the gardener maximum control.

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RAW GROW: all-in-one RAW BLOOM: all-in-one
RAW NITROGEN: growth RAW PHOSPHORUS: energy & roots
RAW POTASSIUM: density RAW KELP: marine
RAW HUMIC ACID: chelate RAW SILICA: structure
RAW YUCCA: surfactant RAW B-VITAMIN: stress relief
RAW CALCIUM: structure RAW Full Up: up take
RAW ominA: acids RAW CANE MOLASSES: sugars