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We offer quality organic capsuled and cut herbs and give free consultations. Our traditionally made soaps, salves, body butters, floral waters and essential oil blends are natural. We offer fresh white sage, sweet grass and palo santo for your smudging needs. The Emotion Code and Ion Cleanse are services we offer for detoxification and healing.

Our Holistic Lifestyle approach is to live from our authentic nature and extend ourselves to the global community to assist you in doing the same. The name Holistic Lifestyle suggests a way of life in caring for mind, body and spirit, but we go further in living this lifestyle from our unique experience as practitioners. Our gifts chose us in this life and we followed the urge.

The certifications hang on the office walls for validity, but the authenticity shines from our sacred being. Along with my detoxification services, I offer spiritual counseling and guided healing because this work comes naturally to me. Rhonda, my Holistic Lifestyle partner consults on herbal therapy for health and recovery, not because she’s earned the Master’s degree to do so, but rather from a young age, for her, working with herbs was like reliving a familiar lifetime as an herbalist.

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