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*Note– all Products listed are intended for LEGAL gardening uses

White flies behave just like Spider Mites; they hang out underneath the leaves, stealing essential nutrients from the plant.

This results in white spots on the top side of the leaf, though most growers will notice the tiny white bugs flying around before they notice any actual leaf damage.

White flies are easily spotted with the naked eye. If you shake the plant a little, they’ll fly around. They look like little white moths when they’re flying around, and are tiny at around 2 millimeters long.

An infestation can get out of control if you ignore it! The eggs they lay are practically glued to the plant, so you can’t wipe them off.

Proven White Fly Remedies

Srills 420 Pest Bully – completely harmless to pets, children, and plants (works GREAT as a preventative, I recommend getting this and spraying your plant once a week even if you don’t have an infestation)

Azamax is a time-tested way to rid your grow room of pests. Spray plants 15 minutes before lights out, making sure to drench the foliage under the leaves as well as the top of your soil. You may want to use a spray bottle or mister. Use a fan to blow on your leaves to help things dry. Treat your room more than once, even if you believe the spider mites are gone. You can also add small amounts of Azamax when watering your plants, as it will not hurt your roots but will kill bugs in the soil.

Spinosad Products (safe & organic) – Spinosad products are organic and unlike many other spider mite pesticides,completely harmless to pets, children, and plants. Unlike many insecticides, you can spray spinosad heavily on leaves and roots with basically no negative effects. Spinosad products can be used directly to kill spider mites on contact, but can also be used when watering plants to systematically kill spider mites via the roots. Spinosad can also be effective at fighting caterpillars, thrips, and many other pests.

Can be used both as a topical spray like Azamax, and can also be used directly at the roots.

Neem Oil though Neem oil doesn’t smell as nice and will leave an unpleasant taste/smell on buds when used to treat flowering plants. There’s some evidence Neem oil may be harmful to humans so use with care! you will need a mister to get all the leaves evenly, especially since neem oil and water will separate easily.