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Bloom Finisher.
Soul Synthetics Peak (0-12-7) contains unique, proprietary botanical extracts as well as ample phosphorous and potassium to encourage only the strongest flowers.

Years of research and extensive testing have resulted in a superior PK formula designed to enhance the vigor of plants during their blooming phase. Supports the development of intense features and show-quality blooms in your favorite flowers.


Flowering Plants: Mix 1 tsp. to 1 Tbsp. (5-15 ml) per gallon. Most effective if used during the last week of flowering, just before flush.

Soil & Soilless: Alternate watering with fertilizer solution and pure water every one to two days or as plants require.

Hydroponics: Confirm the pH of diluted solution is around 6.0, adjust if required.

Feeding Schedule (PDF)

Ingredients: Alfalfa extract, yucca extract, molasses, hop extract, phosphoric acid and potassium hydroxide.

Size Price
Quart $25.99
Gallon $79.99