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100ML $19.95


Pop your next round of roots with Rhizo Gel®. 

Not just another cloning gel, Rhizo Gel was engineered from scratch with proprietary ingredients and tested extensively in the greenhouses at Botanicare® and in field trials.

Rhizo Gel® promotes root growth on herbaceous and woody cuttings, allowing easy absorption of the rooting hormone Indole-3-Butryic Acid.

Rhizo Gel is a viscous agent designed to cling to cuttings when they’re first transported and placed into their rooting environments, such as Botanicare’s ReadyGro Plugs or rockwool cubes. It surrounds and seals delicate new cuttings, delivering just the right amount of IBA.

Benefits of using Rhizo Gel:

  • Rhizo Gel allows experienced and new growers to propagate cuttings from their prized plants by producing exact clones to reproduce favored genetic qualities.
  • Ideal for many types of plants, Rhizo Gel works with both herbaceous and woody cuttings.
  • Effortlessly absorbs into plant material.
  • Versatile, excellent for hydroponic growing mediums or soil.
  • Viscous formula clings to and coats new cuttings.
  • Rhizo Gel is formulated to efficiently deliver the rooting hormone IBA to a wide variety plant types without requiring dilution.