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Greener Side of Life is having a sale on Vegamatrix. 

Right now all sizes are 15% off

Stop by and check out this awesome Vegan line while the sale lasts!

Tests have proven that plants grown using Vegamatrix have nearly undetectable levels of Heavy Metals. With these extremely low residuals, full smooth flavor and taste are what makes products grown with Vegamatrix winners. To see our test results click here and remember, Vegamatrix creates healthy plants-healthy people for a healthy planet! Simply put, Vegamatrix increases your plant’s metabolism resulting in bigger plants! Push your plants to their maximum growth rate. The perfect combination of NON-GMO plant extracts with naturally occurring necessary minerals, amino acids, vitamins and carbohydrates are engineered to dramatically increase the bio-mass of your plants! Vegamatrix has fewer components and simple application rates designed to be easy to use and provide a BETTER growing experience with BETTER results. Formulated to feed your plants with every watering, helping you grow more, and saving you valuable time. With Vegamatrix you use less, grow more and Save more!


Click on the name to view product details and pricing


Quart: $28.95

Gallon: $77.95


Quart: $21.95

Gallon: $53.95


Click on the name to view product details and pricing



Quart: $24.95

Gallon: $62.95



Quart: $38.95

Gallon: $110.95


(Amino Acids)

Quart: $31.95

Gallon: $86.95


(Cold Water Kelp)

Quart: $63.95

Gallon: $194.95


(Terpenoids and Phenols)

Quart: $37.95

Gallon: $104.95