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The US/Canadian ETL listed Zephyr 2 is the answer for the grower that has high heat issues created by the HID lights & environment in their garden. It shuts down your lighting system if the heat exceeds your preferred temperature setting, and then delays the ‘striking’ of your lights from one(1) to thirty(30) minutes to avoid hot starting them and potentially damaging your lighting system. We’ve also added a ‘HOLD’ feature to this controller to manually restart your light bank, if required. Innovative and easy to use, Titan Controls!

  • Zephyr 2 turns off your lights if your gardens temperature exceeds the set point
  • US and Canadian ETL listed for use in commercial applications
  • Built in 1 minute to 30 minute delay with ‘HOLD’ feature
  • 6 foot temperature probe is accurate to within 2° Fahrenheit
  • Protects your garden and keeps your plants safe
  • Plastic enclosure protects internal components from dust and moisture
  • 15 Amps/120 Volts/60 Hz
  • 2 year warranty