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The Hydro Innovations CoolCoil is a 12-inch stainless steel coil designed to be used with a water-cooled chiller to bring down the temperature of the water in your hydroponics reservoir.

High summer temperatures can cause root rot. By maintaining a cooler nutrient solution, your plants can withstand higher temperatures in the room without affecting their performance.

How does it work? Chilled clean water is pumped through the CoolCoil which is submerged in the nutrient solution. The clean water used to cool it does NOT mix with the nutrient solution in your reservoir.

This attachment plugs inline with your chiller circuit. You use a valve to control water pressure through the coils to help you regulate the temperature of the nutrient reservoir. Cooler temps help optimize dissolved oxygen (DO) to create more oxygen for your plants.

Includes stainless steel coil and hose clamps, 20′ of 3/8″ heavy duty tubing, 1/2″ and 3/8″ brass hose barb adapters. Can be used with drain to waste or recirculation hydroponics system.